Preface From Editor

With the new millennium, the increase in internet use and the rapid spre-ad of social and digital media have caused significant changes in societies. The desire of women to feel better, the increasing popularity of general anti-aging treatments, especially the visual comparison races in social media, development of energy-based new technologies, and the incredible increase in social aware-ness are just a few of the factors that accelerate the popularity of female genital operations. The aesthetic operations of the genital area include a range of sur-gical and non-surgical procedures with a high level of patient satisfaction for cosmetic, reconstructive, and regenerative purposes, providing excellent results when done with the right technique and personalized methods. However, when these procedures are done without sufficient knowledge and experience, they can lead to irreversible results in terms of both aesthetic and functional aspects as well as serious legal problems. For this reason, training is essential before starting practice. However, this field is not included in the residency training programs of most universities today. Some associations, organizations, or indi-viduals working with special status are trying to fill this gap. ISAGSS (Interna-tional Society of Aesthetic Genital Surgery & Sexology), which I established in 2017 and still continues to provide hands-on training under my leadership in different parts of the world, uniquely combines aesthetic genital surgery with sexual well-being. Another important issue is that scientific evidence-based data on genital aest-hetic procedures are still insufficient. For this reason, energy-based technologies used in applications and treatments become the target of organizations such as WHO, FDA, and ACOG from time to time. I hope that as the evidence-based data on genital aesthetic operations increase, this field will soon reach a much stron-ger position in the scientific arena. For the physician who intends to work in the field of genital aesthetics, it is essential to have the ability to empathize with his/her patient, not to compro-mise on ethical principles, and to draw his/her own boundaries with the motto “first, do no harm”. The operation demands and expectations of the patients can be quite different from each other. There is no one-size-fits-all in cosmetic sur-geries. The technique to be used in the operation in line with the experience of the physician should be applied according to the patient’s wishes and the con-dition of the tissue.

As stated in the ACOG declaration published in 2020, some sexual dysfunctions can also be corrected by functional genital surgeries. However, for this, the physician must have sufficient training in the fields of sexual dysfunction and psychiatric disorders, and when necessary, should not hesitate to ask for consultation from different disciplines. The book “Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery” is blended with nearly 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field of genital area aesthetics, techniques from the most up-to-date literature, and a multidisciplinary perspective. The work, which is the product of the coronavirus pandemic period in 2020, consists of 22 separate sections, and the images in its content were selected from more than 20,000 photographs from over a 20-year period in this field. Procedures not yet included in the literature, e.g., labia minora asymmetry classification, Barbie vaginal aesthetics with Eserdag concept, neolabiaplasty (re-labium reconstruction), inverted-U hoodoplasty, hat trimming in hoodoplasty, “Juicy Vagina Syndrome”, rooster comb appearance in perineum, painful hymen as a cause of superficial dyspareunia, square mattress suturing in labiaplasty, office labiaplasty, majoraplasty with adipose tissue reduction, and teardrop incision in majoraplasty, as well as procedures of mine such as the Inverted-Y plasty procedure in clitoral hoodoplasty operations and primary repair of hymen with Vestibulo-Introital Tightening Technique (VITT) in the literature are also discussed in detail. The book includes from basic to advanced methods of aesthetic, reconstructive and regenerative surgeries and non-surgical applications related to female genital organs, and has been enriched with the consent forms and genital aesthetic examination in the last part. Before you start reading, I recommend that you test yourself with the aesthetic genital surgery MCQ in the last part, or at least take a look. After you finish reading the book, you can return to the exam questions. My aim is that the physicians who have devoted themselves to this field and whose number is increasing rapidly every year can gain knowledge from the most basic level to advanced techniques in this happy journey. I hope that this work, in which I generously share all the methods I apply to my patients, will be beneficial for the global medical community.

Süleyman Eserdağ, MD
Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM),
President and Founder of the International Society of Aesthetic Genital Surgery & Sexology (ISAGSS)

I devote this book to;
My life teacher, my dear mother Alime Eserdağ (1941-2018),
Altruistic, modest, and unique my dear father Ünal Eserdağ,
My biggest supporter in my academic life, and my love Dr. Şenay Eserdağ, My life energy sources, my dear sons Can Batu and Batuhan…