Preface From Dr. Red Alinsod

The field of female cosmetic genital surgery and non-surgical genital treatments has had a long and controversial past. More recently it has found grudging acceptance in the fields of gynecology, urogynecology, urology, plastic and cosmetic surgery, and dermatology. We owe much of the progress to men and women who were willing to face the bows and arrows from their parent organizations and traditionally minded colleagues. These forerunners include Marco Pelosi II, Marco Pelosi III, David Matlock, Michael Goodman, Adrian Gaspar, Otto Placik, Troy Hailparn, Christi-ne Hamori, Heather Furnas, Sejal Desai, Charles Runels, Alexander Bader, Amr Seifeldin, Joao Brito Jaenisch, Clara Santos, Annebelle Ahererra, and Suleyman Eserdag. We owe much to these pioneers to ease the path for others interested in bravely moving forward and helping women worldwide. Pioneers get arrows, settlers get land. I heard about Suleyman Eserdag from my professional circles, an admittedly tight group of pelvic surgeons, almost a decade ago. His reputation in Turkey as a young and renown gynecologic surgeon was growing. I first met Suleyman at the International Society of Pelviperineology (ISPP) meeting in Istanbul in the summer of 2015 where I had the privilege of introducing ThermiVa radiofrequ-ency treatments to the edges of Europe. Legends of pelvic reconstructive surgery and founders of ISPP, Peter Petros and Bruce Farnsworth, wanted me to present my office labiaplasty and vaginoplasty techniques as well my extensive work in transvaginal prolapse repairs. I had the privilege of meeting outstanding Tur-kish surgeons and Suleyman stood out. Within a year (2016) he was in Laguna Beach, California, side by side with me as we dove into the brand-new world of non-surgical aesthetic gynecology using energy and biologics for the benefit of suffering women. 2015 was the birth year of the exponential growth of energy for gynecologic use with the advent of vaginal lasers and radiofrequency treatments. Adrian Gaspar from Argentina shepherded the tremendous growth and interest in vaginal lasers while I pursued radiofrequency indications. Because of Charles Runels primarily, it was also the birth year of PRP treatments getting worldwide notice. Charles had fought for many years before that to bring his message out but 2015 was the breakout year. He spoke at my very last Congress on Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery (CAVS) meeting in Orlando, Florida, in September 2015 and the interest in his O-Shot procedure went ballistic. Suleyman was in the middle of all this outburst of creative energy and recognized that for this field to succeed surgical skill had to be at the forefront. So, we tackled labial and vaginal surgery with intensity in my office setting and planted the seed that would blossom into ISAGSS two years later. I shared all my trade secrets in No IV In-Office Awake Genital Surgery. I shared my skills in Hybrid/Barbie/Rim Labia Minoraplasty, Medial Curvilinear Labia Majoraplasty, Lateral and Vertical Clitoral Hood reduction, RF Feathering and Resurfacing of labial edges and anal skin tags, Perineoplasty, and full depth Vaginoplasty. I shared my secrets on my office set up and equipment, modifications of Pudendal and Levator Blocks, and use of Lone Star 3715 APS Retractor to allow safe and solo in-office surgeries. I made sure Suleyman would be an expert in ThermiVa and the O-Shot as we did case after case. I knew Suleyman would bring these life changing procedures to Europe and the world and help thousands or women in the future. I was very proud of my esteemed graduate and encouraged his professional development. Now, six years after we first met, Suleyman has brought together his experience and skills in his new book “Female Aesthetic and Functional Genital Surgery”. This textbook clearly shows his love and passion for this emerging field and will be a tremendous core source of knowledge. His personalized modifications and approach show a depth of experience from someone in the trenches, working daily to perfect his craft, and not from someone sitting inside an ivory tower having medical students and residents writing chapters from inexperience. I recommend this collection of written insight without reservation. It is the perfect partner for my own online and onsite training programs that have spanned several decades.


Dr. Red M. Alinsod
Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery South Coast Urogynecology
Laguna Beach, California